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Omni Arena Contest at
Star Lanes Polaris

Gunslinger Summer 2024 Contest

June 1 -July 31

First Place team gets (4) $100 Star Lanes Polaris Gift Cards

Second place team gets (4) $50 Game Cards

Third place team gets (4) $25 Game Game Cards

Star Lanes employees are excluded

Strategy tips on how to win the contest

Know your enemies. They are worth the following number of points.

Explosive carts: 1,000 points
Airship: 500 points
Outlaw: 100 points

Explosive carts move quickly, so find and destroy them when you hear them coming, before they can reach the town’s supplies. Blow up the explosive barrels in their path as soon as they come into range, as these will leave the ground burning for a while and continue to damage them as they move through the flames.

Reserve the dynamite launcher for the airships, and target them when they appear, as they do a lot of damage to the town’s supplies. Two shots from this weapon will destroy them.

Use the shotgun against the outlaws, carts, and the boss (Carmichael), who appears in the second round. Focus on defeating him by the end of the round to get an extra 7,500 points!
You can carry two weapons at once, so make sure that you keep yourself stocked up on special weapons.

Get as many epic kills as you can: this 100-point bonus follows any headshot kill or kills resulting from explosive barrels and special weapons (shotgun / dynamite launcher).

Get 2,000 bonus points for any stolen gold you secure! If you have four players, have one player in each of the three areas, and a fourth seeking out the gold bars, carts, and looking out for airships.

Well-protected supplies will result in thousands of extra bonus points. The remaining percentage is multiplied by 100 for this bonus!


Watch the Strategy Tip Video

Where To Play

8655 Lyra Drive, Columbus, OH 43240

How To Play

Form a team of up to four players and play in our Omni Arena contest at Star Lanes Polaris in Columbus, Ohio!

The leaderboards are ongoing, meaning you can play anytime and compete for the top spot. Your team’s score will be added automatically to the contest leaderboard.

For the complete set of official rules governing the prize contest, click here.

Think your team can take the top spot? Play Omni Arena and compete to win!

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