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Omni Arena Contest at
Star Lanes Polaris

March 2023 contest

Play in our Omni Arena contest and win prizes!

Tips on how to win the Core Defense contest this month

Our VR Omni Arena offers competitions that pay cash prizes to winning teams. Your team can play any day for a chance to win up to $2,000 each month!

To help you win, we worked with the game developers to learn the best strategies for each competition. We’ll share these exclusive tips with our community, so be sure to save and study these emails to help you win real cash prizes!

March’s competition game is… Core Defense!

First, check out the cash prizes your team can compete for this month:

Next, check out the live leader boards and save the page on your smartphone: https://arena.virtuix.com/leaderboards

And now, study these expert tips straight from the game developers:

Know your enemies! They are worth the following number of points:

• Tank – 1000
• Drone – 500
• Grunt – 100

Don’t wait for enemies to come to you – the faster you kill them, the more points you’ll get!

Grenade or special weapon kills give you an ‘epic kill’ bonus of 100 points. You can also get this with your pistol if your last shot hits the weak point. Don’t waste the special weapons, but don’t leave them unused either.

The best weapon against drones is the plasma blaster, as it’s a one-hit kill. The drone’s weak point is the red flashing light in the middle, while for grunts it’s the head.

The weak point for a tank is the bomb it’s carrying. Tanks are tough, so use the flame launcher to create a circle of flames where they’re walking, then hit them with grenades while they burn. It helps to remotely detonate grenades with another press of the grip button.

Tanks explode when they die, damaging other enemies around them, so try to take them out at choke points – if they spread out, you’ll lose this advantage.

Bonus stars are worth 2000 points and appear every 15 seconds, so make it someone’s job to listen for them. The location of the beeping tells you where to look. Be quick, they vanish after five seconds!

If the power core health drops from high to medium, you’ll lose 2500 points, so protect it!

To save the power core from the boss, use the flame launcher at its feet when it stops moving or while it’s stunned, which happens when its health reaches 66% and again at 33%. Hit it with grenades and other special weapons the rest of the time!

In the last few seconds, try taking on enemies near the spawn points for some quick kills!

Remember to watch your gameplay video after your game to study and improve as a team. And be sure to let us know that you plan to compete in the tournament so that we can cheer you on!

See the official game rules here.

Remember that the minimum age to compete in tournaments is 13 and that each player must use a player account.

Good luck, teams!

Where To Play

8655 Lyra Drive, Columbus, OH 43240

How To Play

Form a team of up to four players and play in our Omni Arena contest at Star Lanes Polaris in Columbus, Ohio!

The leaderboards are ongoing, meaning you can play anytime and compete for the top spot. Your team’s score will be added automatically to the contest leaderboard.

For the complete set of official rules governing the prize contest, click here.

Think your team can take the top spot? Play Omni Arena and compete to win!

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